Saturn Sale Lauded in Mississippi

Jeff Ayres from the Clarion Ledger: Saturn of Jackson owner Phil Moore says Penske's purchase of Saturn should ensure the brand's future in Mississippi and elsewhere. "He's just such an intelligent businessman," Moore said. "Not only is he saving jobs and dealerships, but he's going to bring something new to the table." That could include partnerships in which Penske Automotive Group, known as PAG, would buy other automakers' vehicles to add to Saturn's offerings. Moore said he also feels the buy will help Saturn achieve greater name recognition and autonomy. "We were having to compete for every dollar" with GM's various brands, he said. The automaker also has struck deals to sell its Saab and Hummer divisions and will discontinue the Pontiac brand. "It makes us more flexible. We can move quicker. We can bring cars to the market that people want at the time," Moore said.

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Owner Story: Saturn Vue Rollover Crash with Pictures

I was involved in a crash on June 11th with my 2004 Saturn Vue. The car in front of me was slowing down to stop and I slowed down to stop. Unfortunately, the car behind me slammed into me at approximately 50-55 mph. As I was thrust forward, I must have clipped the back passenger corner of the car in front of me, which flipped me over and rolled the Vue three times.