Saturn Retailer Feels Abandonded by General Motors

Blackwell Thomas from Like on its celestial namesake, there soon won't be much life at the Saturn of Carbondale car dealership as the company prepares to shut down later this month. At its peak, the auto dealer would have about 150 vehicles for sale on its lot. On Wednesday there were three. Owner Sam Shemwell said the dealership at 1425 E. Main St has been open since 1999, and since last fall sales have dropped by 50 percent, and he's cut his staff from 25 to four. "I'll tell you this, and please quote me, I will never buy another GM (product)," he said. "It's because of what they've done to the American people. They want another $30 billion in taxpayer money and they can't buy us (dealerships) out." Auto parts magnate Roger Penske is in talks to purchase the Saturn brand but, even if he does, Shemwell said he wants no part of the resurrected company. "I bought a franchise for a company that made cars in Spring Hill, Tenn.," he said. "If he (Penske) buys Saturn there is no way the company will be American. Ford is not going to buy it. GM doesn't want it. Chrysler's bankrupt, too. There's no one left." Shemwell added, "I didn't buy a foreign car franchise. I bought an American one."

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