Saturn Dealers May Rescue GM Brand

G. Chambers Williams III from the Tennessean: Don't write the obituary for Saturn just yet — and it could be the brand's own dealers coming to the rescue. General Motors plans to spin Saturn off into an independent distribution company, which could then contract with someone else to build a new line of vehicles and keep the brand alive. One surprise twist that's gaining credence among auto industry analysts holds that the eventual buyer could be Saturn's own 208 dealers. Other options are that a coalition of investors, or even another automaker — perhaps one from China — could step forward, dealers and analysts say. How much Saturn would sell for and how a deal would be financed remain up in the air, but Jill Lajdziak, Saturn's general manager, said a solution could come as early as mid-April. Nashville-area Saturn dealer C.M. "Bill" Gatton said he's sure the much-loved brand that got its start in Tennessee two decades ago can be saved. "I have no doubt Saturn will survive and come out stronger," he said.

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CNN: Last-Minute Treasury Bailout Targeted for Big 3


Chris Isidore from The Bush administration said Friday it might use taxpayer dollars set aside to bail out banks and Wall Street firms to keep troubled U.S. automakers out of bankruptcy. The administration's announcement, which reverses its previous position on how to help the auto industry, effectively revives a bailout proposal killed by senators of the president's own party just hours earlier.