Retailer: General Motors is Killing Saturn After We Helped Save Them

Edward Lapham from Automotive News: Bob Maguire has always seemed sensible and reasonable. The former chairman of NADA is a family man, a proud patriot and has been a loyal second-generation General Motors dealer in Bordentown, NJ, for decades. So it jolted me when I got a call from Maguire telling me that he and all Saturn dealers are being betrayed by GM's leadership. In a tone of voice that sounded as if he were back on active duty in the Marines, Maguire told me GM is starving its Saturn dealers, hoping they'll go out of business and go away. "They're letting Saturn die, and they're letting the retailers who built Saturn die," he said. "And this after I worked my ass off lobbying congressmen and senators to get the loans for GM." His Saturn store has 237 new vehicles in stock and it sold just 10 vehicles in the first 20 days of the month, he said. A big part of the problem is that neither Saturn dealers nor consumers know what GM plans to do with the brand as part of its restructuring, he said. "They're not telling us anything."

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