Nissan Not Likey Part of Saturn-Renault Agreement

Lindsay Chappell from Automotive News: French automaker Renault could become a source for Saturn vehicles and parts for the brand's proposed new owner, U.S. auto magnate Roger Penske. Renault confirms that it has been approached by Penske, chairman of Penske Automotive Group, about a deal to supply vehicles and parts. Frederique LeGreves, spokeswoman for Renault in Paris, declined to elaborate on the proposal. But she said today that any agreement between Renault and Penske would be uniquely a Renault deal - meaning it would not involve Renault's global partner, Nissan. The distinction is significant for Saturn and Nissan dealers in North America. Renault does not sell its vehicles in the U.S. market. But the Nissan and Saturn brands compete head-on in the United States. Tony Pordon, a Penske Automotive spokesman, declined to discuss any Renault proposal. "We're talking with lots of different manufacturers about producing vehicles and-or parts," he said

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