Letter from Saturn Aims to Provide Owners Assurance

Saturn General Manager Jill Lajdziak

Saturn owners have never been shy about sharing their thoughts regarding our brand. So when I wrote to you a couple of weeks ago to tell about the potential changes at Saturn, I knew that I would get a strong response. Your e-mails and phone calls showed that many of you share our enthusiasm for the idea that Saturn might return to its roots as an independent company. The thoughtful comments were a clear reminder of one of the things that has always made Saturn special. We have great retailers and vehicles, but it is the loyalty of Saturn owners that has always set us apart from other brands.

A few owners expressed concern regarding Saturn's warranty and potential service needs going forward. Be assured, there is absolutely no change in the new vehicle warranty for any Saturn vehicles. Saturn has always been a brand you can trust, and your vehicle's Saturn warranty is absolutely safe and sound, now and well into the future. The quality of our products is the bedrock of our business. GM has been in business for 100 years and is planning to be in business for the next 100 years and beyond. GM and Saturn have always taken care of our customers and stood behind our products — and we will continue to do so.

Many of you also asked, "What can I do to help Saturn?" That's easy. You can proudly promote Saturn's fresh lineup of award-winning, fuel-efficient vehicles—most of which lead their class in highway fuel economy. Also, convey your passion for the brand by sharing with your friends and families the great service you've received from your Saturn retailer. By becoming an advocate, you possess tremendous power in helping us spread the word that Saturn is a brand people can trust.

Finally, please know Saturn remains committed to continuing to do what we do best—delivering outstanding customer service. And rest assured we are working diligently to try to secure a viable plan for Saturn's future. Saturn made history when it launched as a Different Kind of Car Company and revolutionized the car-buying and ownership experience. So, it's no wonder then that Saturn would face today's economic challenges head-on. It's in the face of adversity that remarkable innovations are born. It's time to make history once again.

I'll be sending you updates as needed, and you can also visit ImSaturn.com to get all the latest Saturn-related information. Thank you for your continued support.


Jill Lajdziak
General Manager, Saturn

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