GM Readies Break with Saturn

Michelle Krebs from AutoObserver: Nobody's leveling much skepticism of Penske Automotive Group's plan to be running Saturn by the end of next month because, ah, Penske isn't exactly known as a guy who messes up. But realists will admit Penske has his hands full in resurrecting a name that began promisingly as GM's hip, inhouse alternative brand, but whose early potential was frittered away through years of almost deliberate erosion of the brand's prominent non-GM-ness. Penske plans to sell current Saturns - the Aura sedan and Vue and Outlook crossovers - through their planned lifecycles that should encompass about three years; Penske told AutoObserver in June that an extension to buy GM-produced models could be negotiated beyond that timeframe.

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Detroit News: Saturn is GM's Brand for the Future

Saturn Astra XR 3-Door

As part of it's coverage of General Motors' 100th anniversary, the Detroit News profiled Saturn and discussed the brand's past, present, and future. Saturn is "in the middle of a transformation," five-time Saturn owner David Hyde, an automotive historian at Wayne State University, told the newspaper.