General Motors May Announce Plans for Saturn on Monday, Retailers on Standby

2005 Vue Red Line at Saturn/West in Columbus, Ohio

Dan Gearino from the Columbus Dispatch: Saturn, launched in 1990 to compete with the affordable small cars of Toyota and Honda, soon will be sold or spun off. GM might announce its decision Monday, when it will submit the latest version of its restructuring plan, and probably will disclose plans for Saab and Hummer as well as Saturn. "We plan to be around," said Tom Carpenter, co-owner of Saturn of Columbus. "We're not going to fold the tents." His dealerships illustrate some of the assets that Saturn would bring to potential new owners. As the exclusive Saturn dealer for the region, Carpenter owns enviable suburban locations: the flagship lot on the North Side, plus dealerships in Hilliard and Groveport. He has a dedicated customer base and has shown a commitment to marketing, even at times when the automaker's product assortment has been thin. Carpenter hopes GM's upcoming announcement about the future of the brand will point the way to stability after months of uncertainty. Whatever happens, Carpenter plans to be here selling Saturn vehicles. He wants customers to know that Saturn will not go away.

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Flashback Friday: 1980s Clay Saturn Concepts

Flashback Friday: 1980s Clay Saturn Concepts

Some interesting artifacts from the past are being resurrected in preparation for GM's 100th anniversary celebration next month. This image from the General Motors archives reportedly shows three different Saturn clay models on display at the GM Tech Center in Warren, Michigan sometime in 1983.