Future of Saturn Stores Subject to "Alternative" Business Model

From the Wausau Daily Herald: With General Motors reassessing its brands in preparation for its next appearance before the U.S. Congress, Saturn of Wausau's future is uncertain. John Bergstrom, chief executive officer of Bergstrom Automotive, said Friday his Saturn dealerships in Wausau and across the state are part of a still-developing "alternative" business model, making it too early to say whether they will close or remain open. "We're hoping that they don't (close)," Bergstrom said. "We want to be in the Saturn business."

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GM Indicates it Will Increase Ad Spending to Boost Awareness of Saturn Models

Automotive News reports that Troy Clarke, president of General Motors NA, recognizes and understands that there's an awareness issue with its Saturn brand. Despite having the freshest lineup in the business, GM has found that most folks who are in the market for a new car don't realize Saturn has completely overhauled its entire lineup.