De Lorenzo: Its up to you Mr. President


Peter M. De Lorenzo from the The U.S. Senate late last night voted against passage of a bill to give an emergency bridge loan to the Detroit automakers – specifically GM and Chrysler – paving the way for the eventual collapse of the domestic automobile industry and sending this country's already teetering financial situation to the brink of disaster. The inaction - a blatantly malicious display of placing political self-interests before the best interests of the nation – was orchestrated by Senators Richard Shelby (R-AL) and Mitch McConnell (R-KY), two men who are pushing "the Southern Corridor" – a network of transplant manufacturing facilities operated by some import car companies – as the new American auto industry, even though it means destroying the foundation of America's manufacturing base and ruining the livelihoods of millions of people – including auto workers, dealers and suppliers – who depend on the domestic automobile industry for their livelihoods, not to mention their health care and pensions.

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Outlook Wallpaper

Outlook Wallpaper

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