Be a Part of the Beginning of GM's Second Century

As you probably already know, General Motors is turning 100 years old on September 16th, and the company has a variety of online activities planned for any enthusiasts who want to participate in the festivities. Yesterday, GM provided a brief look at some of the activities planned for that day on its website. In addition to the events described below, GM will be updating the site with videos, photos, and stories throughout the day.

  • At 8:30am EDT, GM will hold a Global Broadcast live from the Renaissance Center in Detroit. The webcast will feature technologies, products, and GM leaders.  Everybody is invited to watch the broadcast live on
  • From 10:30am EDT to 1:30pm EDT, three GM leaders, including Vice Chairman Bob Lutz, will be taking questions in the chat room. The chats are open to everybody. To join the chats, create an account on and then visit the Live Chat page on September 16.
  • At 1:30pm EDT, join for the "Future of Transportation: The Next 100 Years" roundtable, where industry experts will be having a candid discussion about what's next in personal transportation. People viewing this webcast will also have the ability to submit questions to the panelists. Please register for the webcast by clicking this link.

Source: General Motors

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