Automotive News: Saturn Wants to Pick New Manufacturer by September 1

Jamie LaReau Automotive News: GM is trying to find a new vehicle supplier for Saturn by September 1, General Manager Jill Lajdziak said in a broadcast to dealers last week, according to some participating dealers. Meantime, Saturn executives will entertain proposals through May from investors to acquire Saturn, the dealers say. Investors also could be manufacturers that could supply vehicles. Separately, a Saturn task force studied the feasibility of spinning off the brand. It turned in that study to GM and the Treasury Department, a Saturn spokesman said. "We're moving as quickly as possible," said spokesman Steve Janisse. "There's a lot involved, and it's not just Saturn making the call now; it's GM and the government."

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Sun May Rise Again on Saturn's Sky


Despite rumors to the contrary, Saturn fans may one day get to drive a topless Saturn afterall. Even though reports have indicated that General Motors has scrapped plans to build the Saturn Sky concept roadster, a recent article in the Detroit News indicates that the car may be brought back to life.