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4 chassis and MASSIVE amount of parts for sale
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1 $15,000.00 12929 Tue March 9, 2010
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Description: The Deebs is pulling the plug on his Saturn adventures. The package is everything Saturn I have collected over the last 15 years including:

#55 ITA Race Car, built by SPC, SCCA Champion

1998 Pearl SC2 w/ Carerra dampers, Quaife, leather, etc. etc.,

1994 SC-2 rolling chassis in 01 coupe yellow and black (the ORIGINAL Deebs-mobile),

1996 ICY Racing T-2 rolling chassis, last raced by Walt Puckett (Yes, it's a real ICY, factory built car and NOT an autoshow special)

A 53' semi-trailer worth of parts both OEM and aftermarket. The Excel sheet well over 100 items long, and the list is far too long to post here but includes pistons, rods, turbo kit, TEC2 EMS, seats, harnesses, lexan windows, sway bars, 5 engines, LSD's, clutches, Carerra coil overs, RARE heads, 15 fuel rails/injectors, intakes etc. etc. etc.

We're interested in selling the entire lot to somebody who may want to drive and race Saturns for the next 3-10 years and not have to buy any spare parts, except tires and they will get a fantastic deal on the whole lot.

Please EMAIL me at billdeebs at if you have further interest. We've attached a few pics above but have another 50 or so if you're interested. We're sad to see these things go, but my little guy (now 6!) needs to start go-karting and can't reach the pedals in any of the coupes.. Happy shopping

Can't get pics to upload for some reason. Getting:
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Anybody able to help????

<<<<Further Edit>>>
Since I've received so many PM's from folks, here's a PARTIAL LIST:
1 1993-4 DOHC head w/ cams, valves, springs, lifters, cam gears
1 1994 Dash carrier, SC2, charcoal w/ modified radio opening
1 1994 dash crosspiece
1 1994 SC2 rolling chassis. Painted 01 Coupe Yellow quarter panels/doors and black hood/roof/trunk. Absolutely gutted and VERY lightweight. Was designed to be a drag car. Headlight doors have been welded to the hood and filled in. All sound deadening has been removed and the interior has been repainted. Trunklid support structure has been gutted. This is the original Deebs-mobile.
1 1996 SC2 ICY Chassis. This was Walt Puckett's race car and is done in Quaker State Green livery. The car has a fantastic roll cage, block-off plates, and is absolutely gutted. The rear suspension uses heim joints for the lateral links and it has full coil overs with front adjustable camber plates. The lexan in the rear windows is fogged, however I have a full set of replacement lexan. The windshield is cracked, however I also have a complete lexan windshield to replace the glass one. Hard to describe with words, but would make for quite a track car.
1 1998 SC-2. 99,000 miles. Very rare pearl color New motor and trans built and installed at 76,000 miles. Manual transmission with Fidanza lightweight flywheel, Centerforce dual friction clutch, Quaife limited slip differential. Carerra housings, Koni adjustable rebound dampers, H&R Race lowering springs, SPS billet front strut bar, Quaife LSD, Fidanza flywheel, Centerforce DF clutch, 98 Automatic PCM. Was originally automatic transmission, cloth interior car. We converted to a 5 speed and swapped in 1998 leather seats front and back. Short throw shifter, w/ carbon fiber shift knob. Black leather interior w/ some cracking on drivers seat bolster. Currently rides on 17X7" 7 spoke wheels w/ 215 50R17 summer only tires purchased 7/09. New OEM front pads/rotors installed 5/09. JVC single disc stereo 30Wx4 w/ MP3 player input, Precision Power Powerclass 4x125 w. amp w/ 2 JL Audio 12W6 subwoofers and 1 Kenwood KAC943, 50 W x 4 amplifier. Boston Acoustics 6 1/2" 2 way front speakers. Rear windows are tinted. Black Saturn emblems. Sylvania Silverstar front head lights. Paint is clean w/ 1 area of spalling just below the drivers headlight where my wife gently backed into the car. It is spidered, but not cracked off or flaking. Some small rock chips on hood.
2 225 50R15 BF Goodrich Drag radials, used for approximately 10 passes
4 4x100 steel wheels w/ junk tires
4 4x100, 14" bolt pattern steel wheels. May be from kia?
3 91 DOHC front cover
4 91-94 aluminum cam covers
1 91-94 OEM Intake piping w/ new filter
1 91-94 trunk lid, red, w/ trunk arms. No spoiler. Some scratches, from 92 SC
1 91-94? Non-abs drivers side axle
1 91-96 aqua front and rear quarter panels, bumper covers, fender, trunk, etc.
6 91-98 crank sprocket
15 91-98 DOHC cam sprockets
2 91-98 windage tray
11 91-98 OEM Connecting Rod part #210008978
1 92-98 DOHC front cover
5 99-02 connecting rods
2 a/c compresor, condition unknown
1 A/C Condenser 92-94?
2 ABS Controller 21023971
4 All season tires, BF Goodrich Traction T/A 195 65 R15 w/ approximately 2/3 of their tread left. Currently unmounted
1 Axle, drivers, 91? ABS
2 Axle, drivers, 91? Non ABS
3 Axle, passenger 91?, 1 w/ knuckle and hub assembly, 1 w/ hub
1 bag 2 wrist pins and piston rings
1 block 91-97 w/ caps
1 block 91-97 w/o caps
1 Blower motor assembly, HVAC module
1 Box of Carerra housings, springs, mounts, perches, various
1 Brake booster
1 Brake lines, various stainless steel and rubber
1 Brake Pads, various front and rear 20+ sets
10 calipers, front
2 Cam blanks, 91-98, unground. Yes, they really are unground
2 Cam cover, SOHC
5 cams, exhaust 91-98
5 cams, intake 91-98
2 Clutch Forks
1 clutch hydraulics, condition unknown
1 Clutches, misc. all non-adjustiing
2 composite cam covers
1 Cradle 91-92 probable
1 Cradle 93+ w/ sway bar and LCA's
1 Crankshaft, unknown year/condition
2 Crankshafts, 21000883, new
1 Custom dash panel w/ gauges for fuel, voltage, oil temperature, oil pressure, and water temperature.
1 Dash pad, center console 91-94 charcoal. Some cracks
1 DOHC block w/ pistons/crank/oil pan/front cover part number 21000950
1 DOHC crank damper
1 DOHC cylinder head 91-92 w/ valvetrain
1 DOHC intake w/ fuel rail part # 21006979
32 DOHC lifters
100 DOHC springs and caps
2 Door panels, 95 SC2, tan, missing speaker grilles
1 Drivers side front knuckle w/ hub and bearing 91-02
4 Drivers side front knuckle w/ hub and bearing 91-02
1 Drivers side knee bolster 91-94 charcoal
1 Electromotive TEC-2 engine management computer w/ crank pulley, magenetic pickup sensor, bracket, etc.
1 Engine 95 DOHC, w/ OEM clutch/flywheel, intake and fuel rails, unknown condition
1 Engine cradle 1994?
1 Engine SOHC complete
1 Engine, 92 DOHC, w/ composite valve cover, lightweight Fidanza flywheel, Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch, intake manifold, unknown condition
1 Engine, 96-98 DOHC, w/ 70K miles, burns oil, needs rebuild
1 Exhaust Manifold SOHC 21008237
1 Exhaust Manifold, DOHC, year unknown
1 Exhaust Manifold, SOHC, year unknown
1 Exhaust system, Tapp SPC special. This is designed to mount up to the lower section of a 91-92 manifold and has had the section where the 2 primary pipe joined throughly opened up and with the catalytic converter removed. The system then uses a 2 1/2" Glasspack as the only muffler and exits just in front of the rear passenger wheel. It uses all factory mounts on a 94 SC2
1 Exhaust various cherry bombs, factory resonator, factory exhaust tips
1 Extra Large custom Kirkey aluminum race seat, red. Never installed.
1 Flex Plates
3 Flex Plates
5 Flywheels, misc.
2 Fuel filters, 92-94
1 Fuel pump, 92SC
12 fuel rails, 10 w/ injectors
1 fuel tank, 94SC2
1 Gague cluster, 93-94, 70K miles
4 H&R Sport lowering springs
1 Head, 91-94 unknown condition
1 Head, 95 unknown conditiobn
2 Head, 99+ w/ valves & springs only. Probably defective factory swaps for porous heads. May make good cores
1 Head, DOHC, 96-98 high compression. This head measures to factory spec, yet has been factory engineered and custom cast at Saturn to provide much higher compression than a conventional decked head. It is irreplacable, and less than 12 were ever made.
3 Hubs, rear, ABS, condition unknown
2 Hubs, rear, ICY Special w/ bolt on spacers
4 Hubs, rear, non-abs, condition unknown
9 ICY Racing Custom Hi-Compression Pistons. 2nd factory overbore size
4 ICY Racing White/ Aluminum wheels 15X8
1 Intake 91-94, Extrude Honed for increased performance
6 Intake, 91-98, various years
2 Intake, 99+ composite with throttle body and injectors
3 Intermediate shaft, 91?
4 JE forged pistons, 8.5/1 compression, good for 400 HP, never installed or used
1 Kirkey 18" aluminum seat. Never installed or used, but fabric is stained.
1 Kirkey MASSIVE racing seat w/ reinforced back/etc. Never installed or used. Yes, it's HUGE.
1 Lexan windows for 91-96 SC. Windshield, rear glass and rear windows. Saves at least 20 lbs. off of factory glass weight
10 Lower control arms, driver & passenger
40+ Lug Nuts
2 Manual trans shifter
1 Master cylinder and booster 18012599
2 Mirrors, ICY green, 96 SC2, folding
2 Mirros, ICY green, 94-96 SC2
1 misc interior trim 91-94 charcoal
1 Miscelaneous door check, pcm bracket, rim hard ware, and switches
15+ Motor mounts, various
5 Motor to transmission brackets, cast aluminum
1 OEM Jack
3 oil pans 91-98
4 oil pump covers 2 with oil hole 2 with out.
1 Passengers side front knuckle w/ hub and bearing 91-02
3 Passengers side front knuckle w/ hub and bearing 91-02
1 PCM 21020808
1 PCM 21022419
1 PCM 21008195 or 21023776
1 PCM 21008669 or 21023776
1 PCM 21021192 or 21020808
1 PCM 21022265 or 21022419
2 Piostons standard size 93 -98
3 power steering pumps, and mounting bracket unknown condition
1 pulleys, belts, various
1 quarter panels, various red, 97-00 coupe
4 Racing Hart CP035 15X7, 4x100 mm wheels. Less than 8 lbs. per wheel w/ custom wheel spacers for front and rear to make them hubcentric. Currently have Hoosier R3S03 wheels w/ 3 lapping sessions on them
1 Radiator 94-02? Manual trans only
1 Radiator fan
1 Rear brake drums, shoes and clips
1 Rear cradle, s-series twin cam w/ swaybar knuckles
2 Rear disc conversion system includes rotors, calipers, brake pads, backing plates, brake lines, and emergency brake cables. Fits 1998
1 Red plastic body panels, 2 door skins, 2 front quarterpanels, 1 hood, rear bumper cover, 92 SC, scratches/nicks
4 Reservoir bottles
4 Scat forged connecting rods, 91-98, never installed or used
1 Seat brackets, weather stripping, underhood fusebox, coolant lines, etc.
2 Seat recliners
1 Seat, rear 94SC2, charcoal w/ red/blue accents
1 Seatbelt Module 91-94 Part # 21021213
2 Seats, front 92SC
1 Set of Factory Service Manuals L-Series, 2000. 2.2L/3.0 L Engine, Body, Electrical
1 Set of Factory Service Manuals S-Series, 2000. Collision, brakes, HVAC, classis, body electrical V1&2
4 Snow Tires, 195 65R15 Firestone Winterfire tires w/ approximately 1/2 of their tread left. Mounted on 4 OEM 98 Saturn wheels
1 SOHC head 1995, cracked, but w/ cam. May be good as a core
1 SOHC intake manifold with throttle body and fuel injectors.
1 SOHC oil pump pickup tube
2 Spare tires, S-series
1 Spark plug wires, various 30+
1 starter, condition unknown
1 Steering and CV boots, various
2 Steering column and wheel w/ cruise control, 92 SC
1 Steering rack w/ pump. Year uncertain with EVO
1 Steering wheel, 94, gutted
1 Strut tower bar, SPS machined, heavy duty. Irreplacable part, out of production
2 Strut tower bars
1 Sway bar, front
5 Sway bar, front
2 Sway bar, rear OEM
1 Sway bar, rear, Getersloh edition 17.5 mm, 3 way adjustable
2 Sway bar, rear, ICY extra thick (thick enough to NOT require a rear sway bar bushing.. Gulp…
2 tail lights, 91-94 sc2
11 Throttle bodies, various years
1 Throw out bearing, OEM new
1 Tote full of various brake pads front, rear and hardware
1 Transmission Case, new in plastic Part number 21120018
2 Transmission Case, used Part number 21120018
2 Transmission, 1991 and 1994, w/ cracked differential housing. May have useful gears or parts inside
1 Turbo kit, w/ T3-T4, intercooler, piping, hi flow injectors, boost controller, blow off valve, turbo manifold, etc.
2 turbos unknown condition
100 valve stem seals
1 various coil packs, egr's, spark plug wires, sensors, fuel sender, etc.
1 various engine brackets
4 various front brake calipers
1 various steering parts
1 various struts, springs, and mounts
1 various timing chain parts
1 VUE Field Service Manuals, complete
1 Water pumps, thermostats, various
8 Wheel Studs, OEM
3 Wheels, 91-92 sawtooth
8 wheels, teardrop 1
3 wheels, teardrop 2
Keywords: Deebs Billdeebs ICY Racing Performance SPC

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