Saturn Vue Called a "Luxury Impersonator"

2009 Saturn Vue Brochure

From Like offseason cruises and Costco pinot noir, there are cars that prove you don't have to fork over big bucks to live the good life. We picked 10 models that are surprisingly luxurious for their humble badges, all of which can be equipped to impress for less than $30,000. They won't get you the valet treatment a Lexus or BMW might, but we bet you'll get a thumbs-up from the coworkers you take to lunch. Unless they drive a Lexus or BMW, of course. Saturn's new Vue is the epitome of a luxury impersonator. Classy finishes of brushed metal and rich leather catch the eye immediately, and even the backseat and cargo area seem high-end. It's probably the most European-styled American car on the road, mainly because GM borrowed the design from its German Opel division, and that's not a bad thing. A solid ride and eye-catching exterior make the Vue even more alluring.

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