Owner Story: Totaled Saturn Vue XE

I have read many complaints about weight of the 08 Vue, but whatever they did to increase the weight was worth it. All the ruggedness they built into the 2008 Vue saved my wife's life. Friday night at 2200 hours my wife was returning to our home in Big Bear, a mountain community in the San Bernardino Mountains, when she went off the side of a mountain road.

Fortunately, she was not at a point in the road where she could have gone down 200 to 300 feet. Instead she went over the side where she only went down 20 feet through boulders, rocks, brush, and small trees. The car did not roll over, but two tires were blown and there was severe front, rear, and undercarriage damage. All the airbags deployed, the seat belt worked perfectly, and each door was able to be opened. The only thing I did not like was the electric button on the rear hatch. After the firefighters disconnected the battery (cut the battery cable), you could not get the rear hatch open. A great feature that I did notice when I arrived on scene was the emergency flashers had automatically turned on after the airbags deployed, which made the car very visible even though it could not be seen directly from the road.

Other than seat belt bruises, some minor bumps and scratches, and a sore shoulder, she is fine. My thanks to the good people who stopped to help the emergency personnel, and thanks to Saturn for building a strong, tough vehicle.

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