Outlook, Vue Engine Plant Receives Prestigious "Landfill-Free" Status

In celebration of Earth Day, Saturn posted some information about just a few of Saturn's latest environmental initiatives on the company's ImSaturn website yesterday.

The latest example of this commitment is the Flint Engine South plant in Michigan where the 3.6L V6 engines for the Vue and Outlook are built. That location has just achieved the prestigious "landfill-free" status, meaning it recycles or reuses all normal plant waste. It turns out that when you build a lot of engines, you also create a lot of scrap metal and other byproducts. In fact, last year, the Flint plant generated about 6,700 tons of scrap metal. This waste metal comes from the grinding, cutting and drilling that occurs in the machining process. All of it was collected and recycled, along with significant quantities of oil, plastic and other materials needed to build engines.

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