Next Shot at Hybrid Redemption for GM: 2009 Saturn Vue Two-Mode

Lawrence Ulrich from the NY Times: Last year at this time General Motors expressed high hopes for its first full-range hybrid-drive system, which GM executives insisted was superior even to Toyota's gas-electric technology. But buyers may have been scared off by a trifecta of factors: the high price of the vehicles, a truck-hostile market, and record high gas prices. GM's next shot at hybrid redemption will be a two-mode version of the Saturn Vue, to go on sale in early 2009. The Saturn, smaller than GM's current hybrid SUVs, will start at less than $33,000. A Saturn spokesman, Mike Morrissey, said the Vue's smaller footprint, lower price and roughly 32 mpg highway economy might give it a better shot in the market than GM's herculean hybrids.

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Union Warns Aura, Malibu Plant of Possible Strike

From the Kansas City Business Journal: Union employees at the General Motors Fairfax Assembly Plant issued a letter warning the company that they will strike on Tuesday unless progress is made toward getting a new contract. Jeff Manning, president of United Auto Workers Local 31, said the previous contract expired in September.