Next Shot at Hybrid Redemption for GM: 2009 Saturn Vue Two-Mode

Lawrence Ulrich from the NY Times: Last year at this time General Motors expressed high hopes for its first full-range hybrid-drive system, which GM executives insisted was superior even to Toyota's gas-electric technology. But buyers may have been scared off by a trifecta of factors: the high price of the vehicles, a truck-hostile market, and record high gas prices. GM's next shot at hybrid redemption will be a two-mode version of the Saturn Vue, to go on sale in early 2009. The Saturn, smaller than GM's current hybrid SUVs, will start at less than $33,000. A Saturn spokesman, Mike Morrissey, said the Vue's smaller footprint, lower price and roughly 32 mpg highway economy might give it a better shot in the market than GM's herculean hybrids.

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Flashback Friday: Did You Know?

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Saturn has had a colorful history that's full of interesting bits of trivia. Al Clapsaddle has put together a list of some interesting facts from Saturn's early years on his website. So go ahead, peruse the list below, and test your knowledge with these Saturn 'did you know' trivia bits. If you have any good fact, send them to me and I'll add them to archives.