New Saturn Ad Campaign to Debut Monday

Saturn will be launching its next television ad campaign on Monday, according to a post on Saturn's social networking site, The new spot will feature the all-new 2008 Vue sport-utility.

Earlier this month, rumors circulated about a new batch of new Saturn ads the were said to air sometime in mid-April. Until now no firm air dates for the new commercials were released. The new Vue commercial will reportedly kick-off a whole new campaign that will include spots focusing on the Aura and Outlook too.

The new Vue advertisement features good music with a catchy tune. Saturn says the song is called 'Lil King Kong' by the band Simple Kid. "You can go to and sample the song from the home page," wrote Tom Folger on ImSaturn. "Come to think of it... Lil' King Kong kind of describes the Vue. Compact package with monster features, safety, horse power, comfort. Enjoy."

Follow this link to read the full post on ImSaturn.

Source: Saturn

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