Interior of Antara GTC Gets an Unusual Mix of Colors and Materials


The fascinating contrast between a luxurious, classy look and solid, muscular details also abounds in the interior of the Opel Antara GTC. Warm tones and the generous use of leather are caught up in a charming interplay with technical materials like carbon fiber (seat back), stainless steel and aluminum (cockpit). Colorwise, the interior is quite clearly split in two: Dark-brown dominates the upper part of the instrument panel and door liners, while the rest is light beige.

The panoramic roof system has been borrowed from the new Opel Zafira and has been further developed for this study. The two large skylights give the occupants a light and very pleasant atmosphere to travel in. Dark tinted glass provides protection from excessive sunshine. The roof console, which runs along the roof center and extends over the whole length of the car interior, offers additional stowing space. Another ingenious storage facility for everyday utensils is the special leather bag that can be moved along a rail between the front and rear seats. It can also be taken along on a shopping or sightseeing trip.

One eye-catching detail is the center console, which extends well into the interior. It accommodates not only the compact sturdy gear lever of the Easytronic transmission, but also three large round ventilation nozzles and the controls for the infotainment system and air conditioner. Side handles to hold on at the bottom of the center console reflect the off-road character of the concept vehicle. The unusual material mix in the Antara GTC climaxes in the center console: The ventilation nozzles literally stand out from their glossy piano-black finish surrounds, and the gear lever is ringed by brushed stainless steel. Like the cockpit, the controls for the infotainment system and the air conditioner are backlit in turquoise.

The instruments are also backlit in turquoise and are accommodated in an aluminum housing - an impressive combination of structural strength and optical elegance. When off-road, displays in the two circular instruments keep the driver constantly informed of the gradient (up or down) and of the lateral angle of the Antara GTC.

Even the pedals have a connection with the exterior. They are covered with non-slip rubber that has the same unusual profile as the Antara tires. Instead of a conventional carpet, the SUV study is fitted with sisal - a convincing solution that combines a certain stylishness with excellent wear properties.

With their striking contours, the four seats look as if they have been made to measure for the passengers. The front seats are anchored on mono-rails, giving the effect of floating about in the interior. With the aid of an easy-entry system, they slide right forward to the instrument panel at the press of a button to make it easier for the rear passengers to get on board. A sensor device ensures that no-one is actually sitting on the seats during this operation.

The rear seats can be automatically folded away, raising the luggage volume to a generous 2,400 liters by the VDA standard. The luggage area is completely flat up to the front seats thanks to a moving double floor, the upper half of which is easily pushed to the front like a tray over the retracted back seats. Here, too, sisal is used as the lining material.

"With the Antara GTC, we have again showed that a sporty design does not have to exclude a practical interior. Combining the sporty with the practical is a core area of competence for Opel," said Frank Leopold, Manager GME Innovation, Show Cars and Advanced Packaging, summarizing the study's interior concept.

View photos of the Opel Antara concept.

Source: GM Europe, Opel

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