Hybrid Vue Due in 2006


General Motors Executive Director of Hybrid Powertrains, Larry Nitz, recently talked with Automotive Industries for an article about advanced powertrains. A 42-volt belt alternator starter, so-called "mild hybrid" system, is slated to be introduced next year in the 2006 Saturn Vue Green Line.

Nitz describes the Green Line Vue as "a very high value hybrid, as close as a hybrid could be to a bolt-on system." The simplicity of the design should help Saturn keep the cost of the vehicle down to a reasonable level. A more complex hybrid system that just recently made its debut in GM's full size pickups was a $2500 option. Automotive Industries said "the object [of GM's mild hybrid system] is to provide 80-90 percent of the hybrid benefit at 10-20 percent of the cost." The system operates the same as any other hybrid system. GM says the system will provide more than a 10 percent boost in fuel economy over typical 4-cylinder Vue models.

Source: Automotive Industries

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Flashback Friday: 1998 Saturn Website

Flashback Friday: 1998 Saturn Website

This week's look back in time comes courtesy of the Internet Archive's Way Back Machine. Saturn.com has come a long way since those early days on the Web. Above is a screenshot taken from the owner photo page on Saturn's website circa 1997-98. Back then, the site was primarily split in two parts highlighting different aspects of the company's corporate initiatives and Saturn's 1998 model year cars.