Green Line: A Vue to a Thrill at the Pump

Larry Printz recently drove the 2008 Saturn Vue Green Line and asked: "How much of a premium are you willing to pay to conserve fuel?" See what he had to say.

Like other hybrids, the Vue uses low-rolling-resistance tires, which lack the foul-weather grip of tires used on other Vue models. Yet it retains the nimble feel, tight construction and firm ride of its higher-powered siblings, making it fun to drive once up to speed. And it feels more refined than the Escape, despite the numb feel of the Saturn's electric power steering. The interior is nicely finished with good quality materials, although the hardness of the center console lid makes it an uncomfortable armrest. The front bucket cloth seats are firm and somewhat comfortable. The same can be said of the rear, although the seat bottom cushion is a little low, typical of the breed. Cargo space is excellent. After two weeks of driving the Vue, I came to appreciate its decent fuel economy and relatively refined drive train. If you need a hybrid, this is a good choice.

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