Antara is a Crossover between SUV and Coupe


From the self-assured V-shaped radiator grill to the mighty 20-inch wheels of polished aluminum, the Opel Antara GTC study symbolizes a dynamism that breaks through conventional boundaries. It brings together the seemingly contradictory design patterns of a sporty coupe and a powerful SUV, and breaches both of them at the same time. Typical details like the crease on the engine hood, the roof module inspired by the new Zafira and the shape of the lights also show that the concept vehicle is an unmistakable member of the Opel family.

On the one hand, the basic design of the body is characteristic of an off-road vehicle: short overhangs for large angles of approach and departure, stable flanks, powerful side shoulders and wheel cutouts, and steeply inclined windows. On the other hand, it also has the typical features of a coupe: two doors and a tailgate, a closed side window design without a B-pillar, an elegantly sloping roof towards the back (achieved above all by the ingenious design of the C pillar), and a dynamically rising sideline.

"With this study, we wanted to develop a concept that quite simply whets your appetite. An appetite for new discoveries, for driving, and for getting out and doing something sporty like mountain-biking", says the director of exterior design, Mark Adams. "The result was a very attractive crossover that is a decidedly sporty interpretation of a SUV."

Antara GTC Designer, Kurt Beyer, is very pleased with the result: "The new Opel design language leaves plenty of freedom for creativity and the expression of various lifestyles without sacrificing the unique identity of the Opel family." Beyer exploited this freedom to the full, and combined it with an extreme love of detail. The ventilation louvers on the side of the fenders are fitted into fine aluminum frames, as are their counterparts on the side of the engine hood and the exhaust openings behind the doors. The body color 'Everglade Mica' features high portions of glimmering pigments that are usually used only for bills. The contrasting dark bumpers and the bottom body strip on the side are a demonstration of rugged protection. Beyer took his inspiration for this from the soles of sports shoes, which are no longer confined to under the shoe. Even the profile of the tires is the work of the design team - and the pattern is repeated on the rubber pads on the pedals.

The front and rear underride protection not only looks as if it has been cut from solid aluminum, it actually has. The same applies to the edge protection strip for the luggage area. The V-shaped radiator grill of brushed aluminum (which made its debut in similar form in the Insignia sedan study) is repeated in the tailgate, which is tapered downwards. Also reminiscent of the Insignia are the door handles that retract flush with the body. They only slide out again when the owner approaches the vehicle with an electronic opening device (transponder).

The front and rear lights are almost works of art. Like all the light sources in the Antara GTC, they consist of light-emitting diodes, which have a longer life and shorter response times than conventional lamps. At the same time, the designers are given much greater freedom in designing.. At the front, the lamp units are smoothly integrated into the fenders, and at the rear, they form a brilliant highlight in the transition from the side shoulder to the rear.

One familiar feature - although the design is new - is to be found on the roof of the GTC. Along the length of the car above the heads of the passengers are two skylights to allow more light into the interior - a feature that is available as an option with the new Zafira. The strip between them is equipped with storage compartments. Outside, this strip somewhat resembles a Mohican hairdo, which could well become a recurring cue of Opel's design language.

The center strip ends in one pantographic hinge on which the tailgate is fixed. This innovative concept which was used in a similar form in the Insignia and Trixx, produces two movements simultaneously when the rear flap is opened: upwards and forwards. It means there is no need to take a step backwards when opening the tailgate, and even in tight parking spaces, access to the luggage compartment is guaranteed.

View photos of the Opel Antara concept.

Source: GM Europe, Opel

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