Analysis: Saturn Employee Pricing Presents Good Prices, No Haggling

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David Thomas from's Kicking Tires blog analyzed Saturn's new Employee Discount promotion and concluded that the company is offering some pretty impressive deals. According to Thomas' calculations, buyers can save up to $4,691 on a 2008 Aura XR, $4,158 on a Outlook AWD XR, and $3,395 on a Vue XE... just to name a few models. Read the excerpt from his report, and then click through to read the full article that also includes the details behind his calculations.

The No Haggle approach from Saturn has always been a mixed blessing, drawing in folks who don't want pressure from salesman while turning off shoppers who think they won't get the best deal. Well, with GM's new employee pricing program there are some very good deals to be had at Saturn. While the total savings might not "wow" buyers like the ones available on big SUVs and aging models will, remember that Saturn's entire lineup has been revamped over the past two years. While there will be a more fuel-efficient four-cylinder version of the Aura sedan for 2009, the 2008 Aura XR with a V-6 will remain basically unchanged, and it's seeing almost 18% in total savings. Saturn's two excellently reviewed — and favorites — SUVs, the Outlook and Vue, both have more than 10% in total savings.

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