2008 Vue GL Review: Who Says Mild Hybrids Don't Make Sense?

Motor Trend magazine drives the new 2008 Saturn Vue Green Line hybrid and questions the often ill-conceived notion that the so-called mild hybrid vehicles like the Vue aren't "real" hybrids.

Several weeks ago, I listened to a presentation by Dr. Menehen Anderman of Advanced Automotive Batteries, given at the SAE Hybrid Symposium in San Diego. The most striking conclusion of Dr. Anderman's talk was that, while those of us captivated by advanced automotive technologies are hanging on every press release issued about the super-tech plug-in Chevy Volt, the truth is that time scale of getting the Volts of this world into meaningful production volume is going to be painfully long. No, Dr. Anderman countered. The CO2 and petroleum problems will be best solved by quick action utilizing the scalable technologies we have on hand right now. Volts are fine, in their time. But it could easily turn out that a humble micro-hybrid like this Vue Green Line will be the bigger heroes from an historic perspective. And better yet, right on its tail comes the 2009 2-Mode Green Line, promising even more. Who'd a thunk?

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