2008 Saturn Vue Environmental Features

Vue Environmental Features Pamphlet

From its recyclable polymer panels in years past, to the crops planted around the Spring Hill manufacturing complex, Saturn has always been environmentally conscious and tried to minimize its impact on the world around us. Here are some environmental features and facts about the new Vue that were found in a Saturn pamphlet distributed at auto shows this year.

  • ORVR. Due to the onboard refueling vapor recovery (ORVR) system, over 607,000 gallons of gasoline can be saved over the expected life of one model year of production, eliminating up to 3.7 million pounds of hydrocarbon emmissions from the environment.
  • Plastics. Over 12,660 tons of polymetric parts from one model year of production are now marked for recycling, making recovery of those parts easier at the vehicles' end-of-life. This initiative greatly increases the potential landfill avoidance.
  • Paint Elimination. The glove box and knee bolster are molded in color, eliminating the painting process, saving approximately 3,356 kg of paint per model year. This process change also results in a reduction of airborne and waste emissions to the environment.
  • OLS. The Oil Life Monitoring System (OLS) can save over 1.7 million quarts of oil over the expected life of one model year of production of these vehicles.
  • Transmission Fluid. The transmission fluid now endures for the life of the vehicle, thus eliminating the service interval required for routine fluid maintenance. Under normal operating conditions, this equates to over 378,000 quarts of transmission fluid saved per model year of production.
  • RVC. A Regulated Voltage Control (RVC) unit is incorporated into the design of the Saturn Vue. This unit monitors the batter and charging system in the vehicle and is capable of providing a 0.2mpg fuel economy savings per vehicle. This equates to over 2.9 million gallons of gasoline that can be saved over the life of one model year of production.

Source: Saturn

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