2008 Saturn Vue Clarifications


Reports stating that the next-generation Vue will be identical to the Opel Antara GTC concept SUV unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show earlier this month may not have been completely accurate. While the concept version of the 2008 Vue, slated to make its debut at the New York International Auto Show next spring, will reportedly resemble the three-door Antara concept vehicle, the production version will not. Sources tell SaturnFans.com that the next Vue and Opel SUV, based on an updated version of GM's Theta architecture, will be sold only as five-door models; three-door versions will not by sold by those divisions. Insiders say that Chevrolet, GMC, or even Hummer will offer three-door models instead.

GM Vice Chairman Bob Lutz told British car magazine Auto Express that "you will recognize the concept car in the production version, but it will have more doors, the roof will be slightly higher ad the wheels smaller." Auto Express says there will also be other critical differences between production and concept versions, including the removal of the:

  • the "monorail" front seats
  • the LED headlamps
  • the Antara concept's sophisticated rear tailgate that rises vertically, allowing the rear hatch to open in tight spaces

An overhead console system, similar to what's currently available on the current Saturn Relay crossover sport van is also expected to be offered.

Click here for pictures of the Opel Antara concept SUV.

Source: Auto Express

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