'08 Saturn Vue Green Line FWD Hybrid

2008 Saturn Vue Green Line

Shahed Hussain from the Velocity Journal reviewed the 2008 Vue Green Line hybrid and was impressed by the improvements Saturn made to the all-new model. "The second-generation Vue offers richer materials, tight panel gaps, and an uncluttered, attractive design," he wrote in his review.

We tested a 2008 Vue Green Line, which adds an electric motor/generator and battery pack to the 2.4L 4-cylinder engine. The hybrid system uses the electric motor to boost acceleration and turns off the gasoline engine at idle to save fuel. When slowing down, regenerative braking captures energy to recharge the battery pack. GM classifies the Vue Green Line as a mild hybrid, because it cannot run in fully electric mode. GM transformed the second generation Saturn Vue into a viable alternative to the popular Ford Escape, Honda CR-V and Toyota RAV4. While the non-hybrid Vue goes head-to-head with the Japanese and domestic compact SUVS, the Vue Green Line competes directly with the Escape Hybrid. Although current gasoline prices shorten the payback period for a hybrid SUV, ultimately, this Saturn is as much an environmental statement as it is about reduced fuel consumption. For customers interested in both, the Vue Green Line is worth considering.

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