Video: GM "Beautiful Blue" Olympic Television Ad Features Saturn Sky, Flextreme

If you watched the opening ceremony of the Olympics Friday night, you saw the General Motors television ad that caused quite a stir in the Saturn community over the weekend. The sleek, red Saturn-badged vehicle that flashed across the screen at the end of the commercial had folks asking, "was that a Saturn?" Indeed, it was.

Saturn's futuristic, electric-hybrid Flextreme concept was prominently and significantly featured at the end of GM's 60 second television spot that also showed the Saturn Sky alongside some of the best cars and crossover vehicles that GM builds today. The last few seconds of the ad were saved to show off important future vehicle concepts: the Buick Invicta sedan, Chevrolet Equinox Fuel Cell sport-utility, Chevy Volt, an Opel Astra with a panoramic windshield, and — right after panning vehicle badging that read "zero emissions" across the screen — a shiny Saturn Flextreme.

Yesterday Matt Scarlet, GM's corporate advertising manager, wrote about the company's new ads that will air during the Olympics over the next two weeks.

Viewers in the United States will see a new corporate advertisement from GM that communicates its advancements in transportation for a global marketplace. The ad showcases all of the GM brands and many of GM's alternative fuel solutions, including hybrids, hydrogen fuel cells and the much-anticipated Chevy Volt, the extended-range electric vehicle designed to move over 75% of America's daily commuters without a single drop of gas. The idea behind the new commercial is to inform viewers of GM's current and future line-up of great cars, crossovers and trucks — in other words — what's now and what's next, from GM. You'll also see all-new ads from GM's Chevrolet division during the Games. To check out the new GM corporate ad, which we're calling "Beautiful Blue," just click on the video below. And in case you are wondering, the song used in the ad is called "The Story" by Brandi Carlile.

Enjoy the ad:

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