Turbo Rumors and Other Sky Tidbits


Over the past week a variety of news and rumors have surfaced regarding production, launch plans, and availability of the 2007 Saturn Sky. These tidbits have not been officially confirmed by Saturn.

  • Skys with manual transmissions are being built every day.
  • Automatic equipped Skys are now being built in pre-production form.
  • All saleable Skys that have been produced to date will be held in at GM's Wilmington, Delaware manufacturing plant until mid-March when the first batch of vehicles will be shipped to retail facilities around the United States. Sources tell SaturnFans.com that this is being done to ensure that all retailers receive at least one Sky at about the same time at launch.
  • Pilot builds for Sky Red Line turbo models will reportedly begin sometime in April. If testing of the pre-production models go as planned, regular production Sky Red Lines would be available for mid- to late-summer delivery.
  • Automotive News reported today that GM will spend $32 million in its Pontiac, Michigan metal stamping plant for innovative sheet hydro-forming equipment used to stamp much of the sheet metal for the Saturn Sky, Pontiac Solstice, and the future Opel roadster. According to the publication, "sheet hydro-forming uses water pressure to mold pieces of steel around dies to form structural components."
  • See photos of the Sky inside and around the Wilmington plant.

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