Sun May Rise Again on Saturn's Sky


Despite rumors to the contrary, Saturn fans may one day get to drive a topless Saturn afterall. Even though reports have indicated that General Motors has scrapped plans to build the Saturn Sky concept roadster, a recent article in the Detroit News indicates that the car may be brought back to life. GM product development folks are pushing forward with plans to build the Pontiac Solstice, but the car has yet to receive approval from senior management. Why? GM doesn't a have platform that could support the car, and it needs to justify the investment needed to created the platform.

"Obviously, it would take a small rear-wheel drive architecture, which we don't have anywhere at GM, not in Asia, or anywhere else," said Bob Lutz, GM Vice Chairman of Product Development, in a recent interview with the Detroit News. "Assuming we would create one, this would be the ideal opportunity to spread that all over the GM system and use modular architecture for a whole wide array of vehicles. They would not all have to be convertibles, they could be coupes or sedans. With the four-cylinder Ecotec and high-feature V6 engines going worldwide, it's going to be easier and easier to do a Solstice in North America."

The Detroit News reported that one additional "candidate for the new platform is a production version of the Saturn Sky concept car, which is also a two-seat convertible, although Lutz says there are no current plans to build it."

Let's hope our wishes come true.

Source: Detroit News

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