Road Test Rewind: The Sky's the Limit

Two years ago's Jason Fogelson reviewed the Saturn Sky roadster in disbelief. "The coolest new droptop roadster to come out of Detroit in years is... a Saturn?" he asked rhetorically. "Yes, the 2007 Saturn Sky really can be found on the friendly, no-haggle showrooms of your local Saturn dealer."

I took twice as many photos of the Sky than I usually take of my test cars - it's just so cool-looking from every angle. Top up or down, the Sky presents interesting, provocative views from each direction. My favorite exterior feature has to be the Batmobile-like cowls behind the driver's and passenger's heads -- way too cool. The front end features feline headlights and functional shark gill vents on the big hood, which leads up to a tiny windshield. The sides of the Sky bulge at the wheel wells and the back deck is high and truncated. An inverted trapezoidal back-up light sits below the center of the rear bumper alongside a rectangular exhaust tip. The Sky looks more Porsche than Pontiac, more German than GM. Though the Sky is the mechanical double of the Pontiac Solstice, it is by far the cooler ride with its cosmetic individuality.

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