Redline Sky a "Ton of Fun for the Buck"

The Texas Tribune put the spotlight on the 2008 Saturn Sky Red Line in yesterday's edition, while drooling over the car's drop-dead gorgeous looks, "polished" interior, and handling that's "unheard" of in its price range. Were there any drawbacks? "Storage space is terrible," wrote the Tribune. But if you're in the market for a roadster, don't let that stop you. The newspaper says that the storage shortcomings are more than "overshined by the soul of the car."

Read an excerpt of the review below, and follow the link at the bottom of the page to read their entire article.

Saturn has produced a little roadster that absolutely screams. The Sky is more Miata than Corvette in that the storage space is very limited, and all Sky models are powered by a four-cylinder engine. Redline series of models are Saturn's performance brand, and the Redline gets the treatment which includes a turbocharged four-cylinder engine rated at 260hp. The car comes in both manual and automatic flavors, and provides a very sportscar like feel, even with so little horsepower. The Sky has great weight distribution (53/47), outstanding brakes and brake pedal feel. Saturn says it will pull .9g on the skidpad, which is unheard of for this price range. The Redline was born to run, and run it will. The great suspension, meaty tires and torquey engine combine to form something special, especially at the $30,000 price point. I received much more attention and questions in the red Sky than the $120k BMW M6, which is a credit to its aggressive appearance.

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