Driving a Sporty Saturn Through a Midlife Crisis

2009 Saturn Sky

George Quarles, a retired veteran, submitted his story about his decision to purchase a Saturn Sky roadster to the San Fransisco Chronicle's "My Ride" section. "The Sky is a dream for anyone who wants the fun and joy of a classy looking two-seater, go-fast machine that gets pretty good gas mileage," he wrote.

We live in Forestville, which is a great place to test drive a small sports car. Lots of wineries on back roads gave me a chance to see how the Sky handled (in four hours we managed to travel 20 miles in all directions from our house and have lunch). It also gave us the opportunity to drive with the top down. Talk about fun! I felt like I was now a two-seater, top-down, sports-car owner/driver and all around sports car person. The traction control allowed me to try out the turbo, which is very responsive. I am used to my wife's Audi Quattro in the cornering department and the Sky, with its 18-inch wheels, was very close to her Audi in cornering ability. The stopping ability of its four-wheel disc brakes is fast and straight and with a 260-horsepower turbo engine it is very quick. In fact, it's quicker than my wife's Audi, which brought a big smile to my face.

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