AMP Taking Orders for Electric Sky Conversions

Electric Saturn Sky

After one year development, an Ohio company is now taking orders to convert a gasoline-powered Saturn Skys to 100% electric power. The company, Advanced Mechanical Products (AMP), is replacing the combustion drivetrain with electric motors, safe lithium batteries, and proprietary control software. "The prototype is in the final stage, and production will take place later this year, with deliveries beginning in 2009," said Jack Kuntz, AMP CEO.

"The AMP car is the best of both worlds," said Tim Wieck, Chief AMP Engineer. "All the design excellence of a Saturn Sky, combined with AMP engineering. And with stats like 0 to 60 in under 6 seconds and 90 mph top speed, believe me, this is no golf cart!"

Cost of conversion to 100% electric is $25,000, plus the cost of the car, making the entire total about $50,000. Buyers can order the original Saturn to be converted from Saturn of Kings Auto Mall. Or, customers with a 2007 or later Saturn Sky can simply have it converted. Orders for conversions are now being taken online at the company's website. AMP is only converting 300 vehicles in the first production run, and those conversions will be done on a first-come, first-served basis. As of this posting, only 193 were left in the first phase. AMP is only accepting orders in the Cincinnati area, so they can provide service from their local facility.

Why did a group of engineers, businessmen, and investors in Cincinnati, Ohio decide to take this project on? "To reduce our dependency on foreign oil, to put zero emissions into the atmosphere, and to ease the pain at the pump," answered Kuntz. "This is a vehicle that will do all three."

AMP says their goal is to make their home town of Cincinnati recognized as the "green capital of the world."

The race to create the electric car has been with us for sometime now. But technological hurdles and high price tags have been a barrier until now. The AMP is bringing the electric car more into the mainstream. Today, many people will spend in excess of $50,000 on a luxury vehicle to make a statement. With AMP, you make a statement and a difference.

Source: AMP Motorworks

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