Owner Story: My Spring Hill Homecoming... 14 Years Too Late

Spring Hill Barn

I had a rare opportunity to visit the Spring Hill assembly plant this week. This was business and technical trip - not a tour. As I understand it, they are no longer giving tours. Perhaps that will change when the new SUV type vehicle (Chevrolet Traverse) makes it to mass market. I can't say I was excited to see the new vehicle, but I'm really biased toward plastic Saturns.

There is really nothing important to report, however I must say Spring Hill is not just other assembly plant. Wow! I have been to all the major assembly plants throughout the US, and Spring Hill is just truly unique. The Corvette plant in Kentucky comes up second on my list.

Cameras are not allowed in the assembly plant so the only picture I could snap was of the old barn. And yes, the visitor center is still open. Although, I think I was the only visitor they had for the day. My time was limited so I really didn’t get a chance to absorb a lot.

It's sad that Saturn no longer offers a product that I would buy (of course me being cheap and all... I really wouldn't buy new anyway.) Yeah I know the plastic cars had poor fit and finish, but 12 years down the road they look better than anything else their age.

I realize the durability and cheapness of the plastic Saturn is something that appeals to me. I have owned a hand full BMWs in the past, yet my plastic Saturn is the best car I have ever owned. I qualify that statement with the above mention "cheap and durable." In reality, I got a lot more respect in the Bimmer.

Long live the plastic car!

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