Owner Story: A Love Affair with Saturn

Hello fellow Saturn enthusiasts! I am a 20 year old Saturn sales consultant. While I've have only worked for my Saturn retailer for 2 years, I have enjoyed a close love affair with this breakthrough brand since 1990. My sister took a chance on Saturn with her first car, a Blue 1991 SL2 and fell in love immediately. In 1995, my brother picked up a pre-owned 1992 Medium Red SL2, and my sister came back that same year for a new purple SC2.

My first car ended up being that 1992 SL2 in 2003, and I ended up driving this car for 238,000 miles with flying colors... the highest mileage out of any vehicle in our household's history! The absolute stellar performance of this classic Saturn design and the unbeatable service I received from Saturn of Schaumburg drove my passion and enthusiasm for this company.

Act 1 at Saturn started in 2005 when I ended up working in the service department to see how this slick operation does what it does best. Act 2 found me in the sales office in 2007 selling gorgeous new Saturns at the young age of 20. Let me tell you, it's easy and much more gratifying to sell a product that has been proven to you with real-life experience, this is something that I can wholeheartedly endorse. Working in both the service and sales departments at Saturn has given me much valuable experience and memories that no amount of money can be placed on.

These experiences add yet another chapter to my old Saturn scrap book, which retains material and articles that my brother and I have collected since Saturn's inception: pictures of 1980's Saturn prototypes, articles from Time magazine featuring Saturn's breakthrough story, original statements from GM Chairman Roger Smith, all fill my Saturn book that I look back on from time to time. I even have a copy of "Spring in Spring Hill" and the first 10 original Saturn commercials from Hal Riney archived... very emotional!

Kudos to Roger Smith and Richard LeFauve for doing things the right way from the get go, and thank you Jill Lajdziak for nurturing Saturn's core and making it easy for America to fall in love with Saturn again! I look forward to Act 3 with Saturn after i finish college!

Source: Andrew

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