Flashback Friday: Sketch of the Upcoming Saturn SC on a 1989 Cover of AutoWeek

Flashback Friday: Sketch of the Upcoming Saturn SC on a 1989 Cover of AutoWeek

An illustration of the 1991 Saturn SC coupe appeared on the cover of AutoWeek's January 9th, 1989 issue. Inside, Kevin Wilson authored an article entitled "Saturn Rising" that discussed what was known about the mysterious Saturn project at the time of publication. The story included several – of what turned out to be – very accurate illustrations of the SC coupe, along with a spy photo of a prototype four-door S-Series sedan. "These illustrations are accurate renditions of the leading styling proposal for the sporty twin-cam 1.9-liter front-drive coupe," he wrote in his story. "To avoid detection, GM has been testing Saturn prototypes primarily at night and at its least-accessible test center, the Desert Proving Grounds in Mesa, Arizona. Rarely do the cars appear during daylight or at the more easily penetrated Milford Proving Grounds in Michigan, and even then the test models are often clad in [polymer] body panels based on early styling themes."

Click here for a full-size scanned image of the cover.

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With all of the media attention over the past couple of years focused on Saturn's redesigned lineup of vehicles, it's easy to forget about some of the company's other initiatives and innovations.  Saturn has always been known for outstanding customer service, and the brand works hard to stay at the forefront of the industry when it comes to coddling customers.