Flashback Friday: 1999 Homecoming SL2 Brochure

Flashback Friday: 1999 Homecoming SL2 Brochure

Pictured above is the front page of the single-page brochure created to promote the 1999 Saturn Homecoming SL2. Only a limited number of these green sedans were built to commemorate the brand's second homecoming celebration held in July of '99 at the former Saturn plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee. The MSRP for this special model was $17,405.

Click the following two links to view the front side and back side of brochure. Read an excerpt from the brochure below.

Margaret's not old enough to remember our Homecoming weekend in 1994. Back then, nearly 44,000 of our closest friends decided to spend some time together in Spring Hill to celebrate the difference. Well, we're getting set to do it all over again on July 30 and 31, 1999. And while we're pretty certain that lots of people will take home t-shirts, jackets or other souvenirs from Spring Hill, we think something this big deserves a special car as well. That's why we've decided to make about 4,000 commemorative models like the one shown below. Each one is wrapped in a "Gold Green" metallic paint that you won't find on any other Saturn. And the interior has a lot of special features that come as standard equipment as well. If you're interested in driving one of these special models home - or better yet, all the way to Homecoming - all you have to do is drop in and see your nearest retailer. Who knows? You may end up as excited as Margaret.

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