Saturn Outlook and Solar-Powered Mobile Events Trailer

Saturn Outlook and Solar-Powered Mobile Events Trailer

Saturn's mobile event teams are back on the road, visiting festivals and other events to spread the word about Saturn's full line-up of fuel efficient vehicles. Saturn's cars and crossovers have always been efficient, and now our trailers that go with the displays are also environmentally friendly. Six solar panels (four on the roof, two that get set up set up on the ground) produce up to 4,680 watt hours per day based on 5 to 6 hours of peak sunshine. The battery system can store up to 19,200 watts of power – enough juice to power plasma screens, computers, sound systems and other display elements for three and a half days, even if conditions prevent recharging. We pull the trailers with Saturn Outlooks, the most fuel efficient eight-passenger crossover on the market. At roughly 3,200 lbs, the trailers are well within the Outlook's standard trailering capacity of 5,200 lbs. The trailers are originally produced by Airstream and have been modified by the Performance Marketing Group.

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