Outlook's Fuel Economy Gets Even Better for '09

2008 Outlook XR

Saturn revealed via its ImSaturn blog that the 2009 Outlook, which will come equipped with a new General Motors 3.6L direct injection six-cylinder engine, will offer both more horsepower and better fuel economy than in past model years. The new powerplant boosts horsepower ratings in the crossover (up to 288 in XR models and 281 in the XE).

"The Outlook still hauls eight people comfortably, but its fuel economy improves with the addition of direct injection to the 3.6L V6 engine," wrote Saturn spokesman Mike Morrissey. "For the new model year, fuel economy for the Outlook FWD is 17 city / 24 highway, an increase of one mpg in the city. The AWD Outlook gets 16 city / 23 highway, an increase of one mpg on the highway. That means that the Outlook still provides better fuel economy than any competitor's eight-passenger SUV."

Source: ImSaturn

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