Outlook Proves Detroit Can Nail It

Mark Patinkin from the Providence Journal: I bought a Ford Expedition, which was too big. So I in 1999, I got a Dodge Durango, a slightly smaller 3-seat SUV. That carried me until two years ago, when, still needing three seats for baseball bags and packs of teens, I got another SUV, a Saturn Outlook. I discovered that Saturn had not worked out as a separate entity, and the Outlook was now being made in a regular GM factory alongside its GMC sibling, the Acadia. But to me, the Outlook proves Detroit can nail it. They gave it a car's body instead of a truck's. They thought this one through. But I do not know if they have made equal progress on more economical cars, which will likely be the industry's future, and my own.

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$250 Million Grant Could Save Saturn, 13000 Jobs

A $250 million grant from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), could easily resolve the late breaking issues that prompted the unexpected, last minute collapse of the proposed Penske Automotive Group (PAG) purchase of Saturn, according to Todd Ingersoll, Saturn's Retailer Council member.