Outlook Proves Detroit Can Nail It

Mark Patinkin from the Providence Journal: I bought a Ford Expedition, which was too big. So I in 1999, I got a Dodge Durango, a slightly smaller 3-seat SUV. That carried me until two years ago, when, still needing three seats for baseball bags and packs of teens, I got another SUV, a Saturn Outlook. I discovered that Saturn had not worked out as a separate entity, and the Outlook was now being made in a regular GM factory alongside its GMC sibling, the Acadia. But to me, the Outlook proves Detroit can nail it. They gave it a car's body instead of a truck's. They thought this one through. But I do not know if they have made equal progress on more economical cars, which will likely be the industry's future, and my own.

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Suzuki Has No Plans for a Vue-based SUV


There has been a lot of discussion at SaturnFans.com lately about the 2005 Chevrolet Equinox � Chevy's polymer-clad version of the Saturn Vue. A few weeks ago, GM said that the Equinox would be built at its Ingersoll, Ontario manufacturing plant that it operates as a joint venture with Suzuki. Today the facility builds the Chevy Tracker and Suzuki Vitara compact sport-utility vehicles.