Outlook Offers Family Space and a Modern Design

Saturn Outlook Photos

Kelly Foss at Car-Data.com reviewed the 2008 Saturn Outlook and enjoyed the vehicle's styling, space, power, and efficiency. "I could coax about 25 miles per gallon out of the 3.6 liter V6 Outlook on a straight freeway cruise at 60 miles an hour," he wrote in his review, "which is very good for a vehicle of this size."

The Outlook is an attractive vehicle and a good example of the current Saturn styling theme. It is substantial looking, somewhat angular, yet not too beefy. From a distance it presents itself small, but as you approach the vehicle, you realize that it's almost the size of a Chevy Tahoe. The interior is roomy and the tasteful exterior themes are carried through to the inside. The seating is comfortable and flexible. The cargo space is very roomy and is easily accessible. The seating is comfortable and there is sufficient height in the vehicle for everyone to have a commanding view of the road. There is lots of elbow room, and leg room in the first 2 rows is generous. This is quite a long vehicle, yet it is maneuverable and can be placed in a mall parking spot without too much trouble. The interior is attractive, comfortable and quiet.

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