2008 Saturn Outlook Print Ad

2008 Saturn Outlook Print Ad

I don't know when I started receiving "Dwell" magazine, and I don't know why. Neither my wife nor I can recall subscribing to it, but its been showing up in our mailbox every month. I'm guessing it was a gift, but I feel bad for not remembering who might have given me the subscription. Maybe I was on a mailing list and I'm now "test driving" the magazine for free for a few months...

Not that I'm complaining.

The magazine that dubs itself "at home in the modern world," includes cool, contemporary "residential architecture and design" photographs and articles. In addition, lately they've been featuring Saturn's latest "Rethink" print ads on their pages. Last month's Saturn ad was for the Vue, and the current issue includes the Outlook ad you see here. View the full size version of the ad in the SaturnFans.com photo gallery and read the ad copy below.

Rethink big. The Saturn Outlook. The EPA-estimated 24 MPG highway, 8-passenger crossover. We're rethought the crossover SUV by making one that's remarkably fuel-efficient and comfortably seats eight. The spacious third row provides plenty of room for everyone and their stuff, making sure nothing is ever left behind. Add OnStar, and there's nothing your troop can't do. The Outlook. The crossover from the company that's rethinking everything. Starting at $28,995. Nicely equipped at $33,700.

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