NYT: GM CEO Has "Presided Over the Most Sweeping Transformation of GM Since the 1920s"


William J. Holstein, Op-Ed Contributor to the New York Times: General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner has allowed his designers to recapture car design leadership with products like the Cadillac CTS, the Saturn Aura, the new Chevrolet Malibu and the revived and visually dazzling Camaro. The cliché that GM makes only gas-guzzling sport utility vehicles is years out of date. He has reversed management's long practice of meekly going along with the demands of the United Auto Workers, notably with a deal to transfer health care costs to a union-controlled trust over the next two years. The company has made enormous strides in imitating and improving upon Toyota's lean manufacturing system. At GM plants, gone are the mass assembly techniques pioneered by Henry Ford. Instead, workers are organized in small Japanese-style teams and encouraged to make sure problems are fixed on the spot rather than passed down the line.

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2009 Saturn Astra Brochure

2009 Saturn Astra Brochure

The first 2009 Saturn brochures are beginning to show up at retail facilities around the country. This year's book features glossy pages with sharp, vivid color photos. FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) paper was used and, according to Saturn, that means "a minimum of 30% post-consumer recovered fiber" is used in the creation of the paper. In addition, the company says the "electricity used in the manufacturing process is generated from renewable resources."