Next Generation Saturn Midsize Vehicle Still a Mystery


Will Saturn's next midsize car, rumored to be called the Saturn V, be offered as a sedan or wagon? Even though the vehicle is only two years away, the car's configuration is still a mystery. Early reports indicated that it would be a sedan, then rumors said it would be a wagon. Just last week, Automotive News said in its August 4th issue that the "L-Series will be replaced by a stretched sedan based on Epsilon architecture for the 2006 model year." About the only thing we do know for sure its that it won't be clad in polymer panels. So for now the sedan-wagon debate will go on until more conclusive information surfaces. In the mean time, stay tuned to for the latest information about what Saturn's next generation car will - or won't - be.

Source: Automotive News

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It's been more than three years since General Motors announced it was shuttering its "different kind of car" division. At the time, Roger Penske was attempting to purchase the brand and possibly stock it with cars sourced from plants in the US, South Korea, Mexico, or even Europe. Ultimately Mr. Penske couldn't get a deal done within GM's tight timeframes and Saturn was closed. While frantically attempting to keep up with rumors swirling around Saturn that fateful year, I made a decision to rethink the way I was collecting and reporting the news. In the midst of all the uncertainty surrounding Saturn, I began to draw up plans for new and improved version of that could not only help visitors track what Saturn news was happening, but where it was happening as it was happening.