GMI Revitalization in Action - Saturn Style


The "Revitalization in Action" (RIA) team recently unveiled their stunning lineup of future Saturns. According to their website, the purpose of the RIA exercise is "to show, with realistic feasibility, how great GM can (and will) be." Building on Saturn's real-life revitalization unfolding during the 2007 model year, the GM enthusiasts' website developed an impressive look at what Saturn's lineup could become - both stylistically and in terms of model availability - in the next five years.

"Saturn is currently undergoing the first phase of it's renaissance, with a whole list of completely new products arriving in dealers in less then 18 months," the RIA team says on their website. "The brand is no doubt a key component of GM's success in the future. Our aim is to show what the next generation of this renaissance will bring, with brand expansion and Opel integration taken to a new level. In RIA, the Saturn brand marches upmarket and undergoes expansion to become a full-line brand in the GM brand stable."

  • Signal - Premium Hatchback Sub-Compact based on Gamma
  • Astra - Premium Compact, Sedan, Hatchback based on Delta II
  • Sky - Sport Luxury Roadster based on Kappa
  • Vue - Compact CUV based on Theta II
  • Aura - Mid-Size Entry Premium Sedan and SportWagon based on Epsilon II
  • Outlook - Large CUV based on Lambda
  • Switch - Large SUT based on Lambda

Check out all the RIA models at the GMI Dream Saturn Lineup website.

Source: GM Inside News

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