GM Chief Envisions Stronger Saturn-Opel Ties


Automotive News recently sat down with General Motors CEO Rick Wagoner to talk about the current state of the company and how "2005 began poorly, then worsened." Saturn was among topics that were discussed. Automotive News asked if he could "envision a day when a substantial part of Opel's portfolio would be used in North America as Saturns, or will it be a car here or a car there?"

Mr. Wagoner's response: "I think it would be more the rule than the exception, although I don't think it would be one-for-one because Opel traditionally has had a much broader product lineup. But for a lot of Saturn's products we're going to try to drive their brand positioning to run more against Volkswagen and Honda. So the Opel design language we think will work well for them."

Source: Automotive News

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