Saturn to Bring Back Innovative 'Quad Coupe' Doors

A couple of days ago General Motors' Opel brand unveiled a new hybrid concept – called the Flextreme – at the 2007 International Motor Show in Frankfurt. Multiple sources who reported from the show wrote that Saturn is expected to unveil a near-identical version of this concept at either the upcoming Los Angeles or Detroit auto shows.

Opel marketing chief Alain Visser added to the speculation and confirmed another rumor when he spoke to the Detroit Free Press in an article published Wednesday. "The Flextreme concept car also hints at the look of future Opel and Saturn production models. GM will build a vehicle with the concept's innovative 90-degree-opening doors," the newspaper reported Visser as saying.

Such a move would not only bring Saturn's unique and popular 'quad-coupe' style doors back into production, but it would be yet another illustration that the Saturn-Opel relationship is indeed a two-way collaboration. GM has aligned and directed the brands to work together on developing new models for future production on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

Read more about the Opel Flextreme here. Photos of the hybrid concept vehicle are also online.

Source: Detroit Free Press

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