Updates Planned for Aura in '08


Motor Trend recently published their preview of the all-new, soon-to-be-released 2008 Chevrolet Malibu. While a GM embargo prevents them from writing about the details surrounding their test drive experience, the folks at the magazine did say this about the vehicle's driving dynamics:

"You can drive a Saturn Aura today, and have a good idea of what the handsome new Malibu is like. The biggest difference is that the Malibu is tuned for a slightly less-stiff ride, making the Chevy more mainstream, like non-SE Camrys, while the Aura retains its sport-sedan pretensions."

The magazine reports that both the Malibu and Aura will offer a 6-speed automatic transmission with their 4-cyliner models later in the model year "for 2008." A number of other improvements will also find their way into the Aura once production of the new Malibu gets underway. The Aura and Malibu both ride on GM's global Epsilon architecture, and are built alongside one another in Kansas City, Kansas.

Source: Motor Trend

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The UAW strike that brought Saturn's Aura midsize sedan to a screeching halt earlier this month is finally over. "We're certainly happy to be able to resume production of the Malibu and Aura," GM spokesman Dan Flores told the Detroit News in an article earlier today.