Saturn to Drop 'Green Line' Name for Hybrids in '09

General Motors Hybrid Vehicle Logo

David Thomas over at's Kicking Tires blog reported yesterday that Saturn plans to drop the "Green Line" moniker and logo from its hybrid vehicles for 2009. Instead, the Aura and Vue hybrids will just be called, well, "Hybrids." The change is an attempt to simplify Saturn's nomenclature in order to make easier for folks who were not familiar with Saturn terminology to recognize a Saturn hybrid when they see one.

Personally, I liked how Saturn had cleverly coined a name for their hybrid lineup, playing off the theme started by their performance-oriented "Red Line" models. But I can also see how folks not familiar with Saturn might have trouble immediately equating "Green Line" with "hybrid." If the change will help boost exposure for these great vehicles, I say go for it!

Saturn was one of the first domestic automakers to add a hybrid to its lineup when the Vue Green Line debuted in the summer of 2006. You know, back when gas was less than $3 a gallon. Being Saturn, “the different kind of car company,” it enlisted a name for its line of hybrids, which includes the Vue and the Aura sedan: Green Line. Complete with a little badge, too. Times have changed and car shoppers don't have the time to decipher cute little badges as they frantically search for a hybrid to save them from high gas prices. So for 2009 models, Saturn has officially dumped the Green Line moniker. According to Saturn spokesman Mike Morrissey, "It was simply a practical matter. As we expand our hybrid lineup, the names were getting a bit long. It's hard to write a short sentence about the Saturn Vue Green Line 2-Mode Hybrid." As for Saturn's performance lineup, known as Red Line, that name and cute little badge will remain intact for 2009 and the foreseeable future.

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